Links of Interest ~ 링크

Korean Buddhism and Culture:

Overview of Korean Buddhism
Since being brought to Korea in the late fourth century, Buddhism has evolved under the influence of the Korean spirit. Based on Buddha’s enlightenment and teachings of wisdom and compassion… learn more.

Prior to the arrival of Buddhism, the main religious practice in Korea was that of Shamanism which still holds a significant place in Korean life. Shamanism holds that… learn more

Korean Buddhist art
For Korean Buddhist art is everywhere evident throughout the long history of the peninsula. Over half of the nation’s 230 National Treasures are..learn more

Stone and Wood
Stonework is abundant in Korean Temples. Some of the most evident objects are stupas and pagoda. Stupas were Buddhism’s very first works of art, and in India you can still see some dating from two hundred years before our era. They were mainly built over… learn more

Paintings, “Tanch’ong”
In Korean, temples and palaces are painted in a particular style called “tanch’ong”. Tanch’ong means… learn more

Murals: Depicting the Cosmic Order
Behind the main statue in the main hall there is usually a large mural. These are added to give a clearer, more complete image of the Buddhist cosmic view to the visitor. Depending on the size and nature of the hall, murals are more or less complex arrangements of… learn more

David A. Mason’s San-shin Website
All about Korean Mountain-spirits and their shrines, Korea’s sacred peaks and mountain-worship traditions… learn more

Dharma Drum
The dharma drum beats to save all beings living on earth, from humans to animals to ants, and so on. The sound of the beating drum is considered to echo the sound of Buddha’s teachings… experience here