Lineage ~ 법 먝

Grand Master
Ven. Dr. Kyungbo-Seo (Il-Bung) | Master Seo Kyungbo Sunim (1914 – 1996)
Order: Seon Kyo Jeong

Background, Ven. Dr. Kyungbo-Seo (Il-Bung)
from Korean Americans and their Religions, Page 235 … here


Dae Yen Sa Temple Dedication Ceremony, August 26, 1993
(Left to right, Sue Yen Sunim, Ven. Dr. Kyungbo-Seo (Il-Bung), Master Dae San Dae Sa)

Water-Moon Monastery
Half-day, I put aside the zen stick and sit in the hall.
Wind harmonizes, people quiet, my mind pure and clear.
Pure tea fills the bowl, zen mind enjoys.

Vegetables piled on the table
taste spring fresh.

from Lotus Flower Poems, by Ven. Dr. Kyungbo-Seo, (Il Bung)



 Presentation of prayer beads to Pope John Paul II
(In foreground left to right, Pope John Paul II, Ven. Dr. Kyungbo-Seo (Il-Bung) )