Seon Meditation ~ 선


“What is this, or Who am I? Continue like that…”
~ Seon Master Dae San Dae Sa 

hwansan sunim meditation

Meditation Instruction with Hwansan Sunim… See Video

The Wanderer Stilled, by Martine Batchelor
A month into my second three-month retreat, I was sitting on my cushion asking ‘What is this?’ when I suddenly became very aware of what was going on in my mind. It was all about me being at the centre of the universe — what I wanted, what I hoped for, what I did not like, and so on. At the time, I was practising with four other young women, and I realised that they too were doing exactly the same thing. Self-interest was the basis of our identity. This clear awareness did not make me sad or upset. Instead, I found it.. read more

Korean Zen Master offers lessons in Buddhism, meditation
Through meditation and the everyday practice of mindfulness, innate compassion and understanding is developed, Shin said, which naturally is shared with others. “Everyone and everything is created from the same ‘wisdom light,’ the Zen master said. “Once people recognize this and their true nature, they blossom, like a flower that opens by itself. “They become beautiful, and are able to help others the way a flower’s honey helps a lot of insects.” read more